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The begining

A Decade Of Delivering Excellence

We have been transforming the look, feel, and appeal of commercial spaces for a decade. Our team of dedicated and passionate professionals provides tailor-made solutions to enhance your office space and let your staff enter a world that defines your brand! office mantra intends to design and develop office furniture that not only stands the test of time but also reflects the essence of your organization.

About us

office mantra designs modern office furniture according to your specific needs, requirements, and preferences. Irrespective of the size of your premises, we design and develop modular furniture that fits your brand like a glove! Our team comprises designers with years of professional experience, helping you transform your office into a place everyone looks forward to visiting! Rest assured that you will find the most relevant and exotic office furniture designs and articles at office mantra. With a decade of experience, we have created a niche in the commercial interior design sector by working with a host of different organizations and helping them enhance the aesthetic appeal of their workspaces.

Why Choose Us

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Our multifunctional furniture has been the top choice for fortune companies

Most people think that having a lot of furniture will make them classy, but we believe the other way around. At our company, our furniture is designed in such a way that we make your office look more spacious and remove clutter. To do that we suggest using our multifunctional furniture that acts tables a top, a coffee table, and also as a mini filing cabinet. This gives you freedom of movement. We firmly believe that a blocked window should be strictly forbidden when you are designing an office space.

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We promote Employee visibility

Our competitions play by the rulebook of designing employee cubicles that are so big that an employee is hardly visible. This automatically cuts the concept of being approachable since the level ground is not the same for everyone. We, on the contrary, would advise designing furniture sets that don’t block the field view and encourage collaboration. We create open work desks where there would not be any unhindered interaction. This would promote innovative marketing strategies and revolutionary business ideas.

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Employee wellness is our top priority

As a modular office furniture manufacturer, we would promote employee wellness. Use our furniture collection to create spaces for leisure items like a bookshelf, neck pillows, a beverage dispenser, and a popcorn machine. Our furniture can be used to store glasses, plates, and other decorative items to embrace a celebration. When we create a leisure item compartment, the drawers are placed at a sufficient height so that everyone can reach it without having to bend.

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Our furniture designs are super ergonomic

As office furniture vendors, when our collection of office furniture is used then the employees can work long hours without feeling any kind of tiredness. This is because office chairs and desks are designed ergonomically. Our products follow a systemic layout. This means records and confidential documents can be kept safe and there is no risk of damage from rats, fire, or insects. Efficiently is increased when office furniture allows freedom of movement. This means they are commutable working in a space that is comfortable and pleasant. Hence productivity shoots up.

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We boost your brand value by 5X

Most of the top office furniture manufacturing companies in India will openly say that your office furniture is your brand image. We stand by this statement. When guests, stakeholders, and candidates appearing for the interview come to your office, they will be startled by looking at the luxurious space you have created with clean and modern furniture.



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Why our customers are always happy

Besides providing style, comfort, and brand value, all our customers until today have appreciated us because we can solve a major health issue. Back problem is the single most problem that candidates under 35 years are facing today. The office chairs that most offices have today are not comfortable and sitting in the wrong work position for a single year can cause employees major back pain. According to recent reports in 2023, more than 5 million working employees are unable to come to work due to their back pain. They call in sick and your company loses work hours and this means a loss in business and loss of money. In addition, for the employee, you have taken care of the medical expenses that the employee needs to go through till the back has full treatment. These problems can be solved with our collection of office chairs.